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  • Established in 2014,UDS is a professional IC design service company invested by UMC Group in China. UDS focus on providing design service on advanced technology nodes (0.35um-14nm),also providing complete and flexible services & solutions from Spec-in to Chip, including wide range of design phases like RTL、IP、Synthesis、APR、DFT… Since its establishment, UDS devotes to be the best partner of fabless companies and has successfully supported 100+ companies and 200+ projects’ tape out.


    ● With abundant resources and powerful support from UMC, UDS can satisfy customers’different and customized design requirements.


    ● Strong design strength and rich design experience, design capability covers all process from 0.35um to 14nm.


    ● Flexible COT service mode and high-efficient design service to satisfy customers’ varied needs.



  • TEL:86-0531-68613688

  • FAX:86-0531-68613699

  • Mail:HR@UnitedDS.com

  • Web:www.zdes-film.com

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  • UDS is a professional semi-conductor design service company which is supported by UMC Group.
    ?UnitedDS Semiconductor(Shandong)Co.,Ltd.
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