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  • IP Service

    UDS can provide customers with numerous portable cost-optimized basic SoC design blocks and more complex IP through independently researching & developing with UMC and cooperating with external manufacturers. Compared with other IC design service companies, we can use frameworks and technologies with UMC’s independent intellectual property, so the products we designed are smaller but run faster and per unit power lower. All the IP provided by UMC Group have passed the test of reliability, reusability and cost optimization and fit in with UMC process technology. UDS can combine our customers’ design schemes with UMC’s advanced technology and synthesis database to improve the design level.

    Analog & Mixed Signal IP
    IP Type Description Datasheet
    10-bit Pipeline 80MHz
    10-bit SAR 400KHz
    10-bit 400KHz
    10-bit Dual DAC, 300MHz
    LDO 1.2V output and 200mA driving
    Ring Oscillator with external resister
    1MHz RC Oscillator
    12-24MHz Input, Output 200-800MHz Output Clock Synthesizer Programmable PLL
    Power On Reset
    SST/SONOS Flash macro
    USB1.1 PHY
    Crystal-less USB1.1 PHY
    USB2.0 PHY
    USB2.0 Device PHY
    Library IP
    IP Type Description Datasheet
    Multi-Bit Flip-Fllop kit
    Power and area reduction kit
    Special IO
    Digital IP
    IP Type Description Datasheet
    I2C Master/Slave Controller, APB Compliant
    RTC Controller, APB Compliant
    SPI Master Controller, APB Compliant
    UART Controller, APB Compliant


    IP Catalog

    With UMC’s convenient channels for getting external manufactures’ IP blocks, UDS can further integrate them into customers’ designing program. And moreover, UDS can help customers to speed time to market.
    For more details, please contact your UDS business manager or directly log in MyUMC.


    The IP in this website includes IP from specific vendors. IP from specific vendors are pursuant to the terms and solely with the rights offered by those vendors. UMC makes no warranty, express or implied, with regard to third party IP, and expressly disclaims any warranty of non-infringement, merchantability, or suitability for any particular purpose.
    Free Libraries may not be available to all parties. Companies wishing to access these libraries may contact the library providers to negotiate directly.

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  • UDS is a professional semi-conductor design service company which is supported by UMC Group.
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